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How Does An Arborist Know A Tree Needs Trimming

Your trees need to be trimmed regularly if you want to keep them in good condition. Whether you need to trim and prune trees for aesthetic reasons, safety reasons, or to preserve their health, it's important to do so. In the event that branches or limbs become dead, diseased, or grow too large, they could fall and cause injuries or damage to property, including homes, cars, and other structures. In addition, trees that grow out of control may choke out other trees or spread disease from one tree to another. It's important to check your tree regularly to see if its time to trim it with all of these possibilities in mind.

To determine whether your tree needs trimming, consider these factors:

The growth of your trees should never be out of your control. Branches invading areas where they will cause safety issues or aesthetic concerns are signs that your tree needs to be trimmed. In the event of too much uncontrolled growth and having to prune a significant portion of it, you may seriously damage the tree - this can cause the tree to be removed in the future. A Knoxville tree removal services company and certified arborist can help you determine if a tree is healthy or if it needs to removed for safety reasons. Topping your tree is the process of removing large branches or whole sections of its top. This is not recommended as it puts a tremendous amount of stress on the tree and can lead to future safety issues. To prevent the trees from becoming too big, it's a good idea to prune them regularly.

Be on the lookout for disease signs - it is best if you can remove infected areas of a tree as soon as possible if it becomes diseased. If left unchecked, diseases can easily kill a tree and weaken and kill other trees as well. The cause and symptoms of a disease can manifest themselves in a tree in many ways. Be sure to regularly inspect your tree's leaves for discoloration, premature fall, and growth of fungal organisms. Powdery mildew, or necrotic lesions on the leaves, indicate that the tree has developed a fungus. Diseased areas need to be pruned away - it is also possible that fungicides will need to be applied to affected trees as well. Sometimes the infections can spread beyond the leaves and into the branches themselves.

Check for unusual growth or damage - a tree may need trimming not because of disease, but because of damage or other stresses. When a branch is wounded somehow, whether by a storm, animal attack, or some other cause, it can become weakened and pose a safety risk. You should also inspect the tree to see if any parts are growing strangely. In some cases, malformed branches may have poor structural integrity, which may cause them to fall. A weak branch union is another sign that your tree needs to be trimmed.

Inspect your tree after a bad storm - even if you recently inspected your tree, you'll need to conduct another inspection if there has been a storm in your area. In some cases, there will be obvious signs of damage, such as large, hanging limbs that have broken off. All damaged branches should be removed. To protect a tree from diseases, small branches should be trimmed all the way to their larger counterparts. After a storm, trim only what is necessary; lost leaves will grow back quickly, but if you overrun your tree, it may be permanently damaged.

Have your tree inspected regularly by an arborist - the best way to maintain your tree(s) is to keep an eye on them regularly. It's a good idea to have a local Knoxville tree service company help you inspect your trees if you suspect their are issues annually and prune it if necessary. Professional arborists can detect signs of weakness or disease that you may have missed, and can recommend how to proceed if the tree is sick or injured.

Do not hesitate to call us if you need assistance in any aspect of tree care!


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