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Tree Removal - Powell, TN


Get The Job Done Right with Tip Top Tree Care, LLC

Trees can become unhealthy for a variety of reasons. They might have become infected by parasites or become damaged in a storm. They may just be old - whatever the reason, at some point you’re going to have to remove unsafe trees. If you don’t take precautionary measures, your trees could end up causing severe property damage or injury. No one wants a tree to fall on their vehicle or property. Make sure you get rid of hazardous trees by hiring the professionals at Tip Top Tree Care, LLC. We offer tree removal service in Powell, TN - our tree removal service will help you protect your property from troublesome trees. 

If your tree has been dead or dying, it will brittle and susceptible to breaking or falling. It is dangerous to have a dead or dying tree near your home. The branches or limbs can fall unexpectedly resulting in a minor or major accident and even death. When your tree is diagnosed as dead, it is time to hire a professional tree service company to bring it down safely. 


It's important to recognize when you need to remove a tree. Getting rid of it before it falls on its own can save you from major headaches in the future!


Make sure you look out for:


  • Fungi growing at the trunk's base

  • Cracks in the trunk

  • Hollowed areas in the trunk

  • Dead branches near the crown

Some other tree issues to look for are trees that are too close to your home, dead trees that are at risk of falling, and trees that are growing at an odd angle. Our certified arborist can perform a tree health assessment to identify any possible issues with your trees. You can count on us to keep your trees in good condition!

If you think there’s a problem with your trees, do not wait to take action!


How do you know if your trees are dying?


Here are five major signs that it’s time to hire a tree removal professional:

Your Trees are Starting to Lean - When a tree begins leaning, it’s structurally unsound. Leaning trees can pose a huge safety threat. Eventually, they will fall, but there’s no way of knowing when. It could be next week or next year. Don’t wait for your tree to fall on your car or your home. Once you notice your trees are leaning, call us for tree removal.

The Tree Has Several Dead Branches - If you notice that the trees in your backyard have lots of dead branches with dead leaves or missing bark, normally this means that the branches are dead. This is a sign that the tree itself is in poor condition. These kinds of branches can be especially dangerous if they are near power lines. Sometimes dead branches can be pruned back, and the tree’s health will improve. Other times, the tree may have to go.

The Tree Trunk Has a Lot of Holes - Stay away from any tree you see that has a lot of holes in the trunk. This is a telltale sign that a tree isn’t very structurally sound. If it continues growing with large cavities in the trunk, it will eventually fall over. In most cases this type of the tree will need to be removed.

The Tree Has Unhealthy Roots - Roots are the source of a tree’s growth and health. If the roots aren’t healthy, the rest of the tree will be no different. Although you can’t see the roots below ground, usually parts of the tree roots are visible. If those roots look damaged or are beginning to decay, you have a bad tree on your hands. 

The Tree is Covered in Unusual Growths and Insects - Insects, fungi, and parasites are attracted to unhealthy and dying trees. These sick trees will just keep getting worse until they die - it is best to remove them as soon as you notice a problem. 

Why Is Tree Removal Important For Your Safety?

Trees need to be removed when they show signs of weakness that may cause them to be unsafe. It is important to remove dead and weakened trees to prevent damage to building structures and property, vehicles, and utility poles. A falling branch can seriously hurt or kill a person, child or pet.

We offer tree removal services in Knox County and throughout Tennessee serving Clinton, Farragut, Knoxville, Powell, Oak Ridge and the surrounding towns, areas and counties.

Contact A Powell Tree Removal Company For Help


Our Powell, TN tree removal team of seasoned professionals will get the job done right. We have the necessary equipment and experience to remove any tree, big or small. Contact us to find out more about our tree removal service.

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