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Benefits of Tree Trimming

Why is tree trimming important? Trees add beauty and shade to our yards and land - tree trimming is important to keep your trees healthy and happy.

Types of Tree Trimming

There are four main types of tree trimming:

  • Crown Reduction Trimming - removal of major branches - this should only be done when there is significant storm damage or when branches interfere with power lines. No more than a third of the tree’s total crown should be removed

  • Fine Pruning – this is removing small limbs to improve the tree’s overall appearance

  • Hazard Trimming – this trimming is done for tree safety

  • Standard Pruning – this is done to enhance the tree’s branch structure

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Some benefits of tree trimming and pruning:

  • Newly planted trees should be trimmed to compensate for root loss

  • Proper trimming improves tree health by eliminating dead or dying branches

  • The pruning of fruit trees will improve the size and quantity of the fruit

  • Tree trimming can improve your property’s view

  • Tree trimming will increase sun exposure and circulation around the tree

  • Trimming improves the overall appearance and structure of the tree, which will stop the development of broad or weak branches

By taking care of your trees on a regular basis, you can avoid the need for tree removal in the future. If you do find yourself in the need of tree service or tree removal, Tip Top Tree Care is here to help - consult with a Certified Arborist like Tip Top Tree Care, LLC to investigate.


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