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Oak Ridge Tree Removal & Tree Service Experts

Get The Job Done Right with Tip Top Tree Care, LLC

Do you need help with tree removal in Oak Ridge, TN? Tip Top Tree Care. LLC services Oak Ridge, TN and the surrounding towns areas and counties. Oak Ridge is home to around 30,000 people, and is located in Knox County in Eastern Tennessee. You can learn more about Oak Ridge @

Tip Top Tree Care helps the people of Oak Ridge with their tree care needs for their home, business or investment property offering emergency services for those that need fast Oak Ridge tree removal service!

Tree Removal Services - Oak Ridge, TN

Trees can become unhealthy for a variety of reasons. They might have become infected by parasites or become damaged in a storm. They may just be old - whatever the reason, at some point you’re going to have to remove unsafe trees. If you don’t take precautionary measures, your trees could end up causing severe property damage or injury. No one wants a tree to fall on their vehicle or property. Make sure you get rid of hazardous trees by hiring the professionals at Tip Top Tree Care, LLC. We offer tree removal service in Oak Ridge, TN - our tree removal service will help you protect your property from troublesome trees. Trees need to be removed when they show signs of weakness that may cause them to be unsafe. It is important to remove dead and weakened trees to prevent damage to building structures and property, vehicles, and utility poles. A falling branch can seriously hurt or kill a person, child or pet.

We offer tree removal services in Knox County and throughout Tennessee serving Clinton, Farragut, Knoxville, Powell, Oak Ridge and the surrounding towns, areas and counties.

Tree Trimming Services - Oak Ridge, TN

Tree trimming is important to keep your trees healthy. Additionally, tree trimming can improve the curb appeal of your property. Our tree trimming service professionals will ensure that your trees are trimmed regularly to keep them healthy and looking good.

Land Clearing Services - Oak Ridge, TN

Land clearing means to remove surface plants and trees from a site in preparation for development/ construction - this is also known as lot clearing. Grubbing refers to removing roots, stumps, logs, rocks, and other debris left after the clearing process has been performed. Land clearing and grubbing are done in preparation of new land development and construction projects. When preparing a site for development or for building a new home, you must clear the land to get it ready for new foundations and structures, etc.

Emergency Tree Care Services - Oak Ridge, TN

In the event of an emergency situation related to your trees, our knowledgeable arborists are available to help you when you need it most. We provide emergency services for hazardous and storm-damaged trees that have failed and resulted in damage to your home or property.Trees that are old, diseased, or damaged are more susceptible to cause damage when strong storms and winds come to town. When the trees around your home or property come down due to the strength of a storm - you will be left to deal with the repercussions. Our tree service professionals provide emergency storm damage service to remove fallen tree limbs and branches left over your property.

Arborist Services - Oak Ridge, TN

Trees can be a valuable asset to your property. The professionals at Tip Top Tree Care, LLC can make sure your trees stay healthy. Our certified arborist serving Oak Ridge, TN can help you increase the lifespan of your trees. Our tree health assessment will identify any possible issues with your trees. You can count on us to keep your trees in good condition. Contact us now to work with our certified arborist.

Contact A Oak Ridge Tree Removal Company For Help!


Our Oak Ridge TN tree removal team of seasoned professionals will get the job done right. We have the necessary equipment and experience to remove any tree, big or small. Contact us to find out more about our tree removal services in Oak Ridge, TN.

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