Seasoned Firewood For Sale in Knoxville

We Offer Seasoned Firewood For Sale in Knoxville and Surrounding Areas

Seasoned Firewood For Sale by Pickup Or Delivery

Top Notch Tree Care has seasoned firewood for sale!

The best burning wood is seasoned hardwood. Seasoned wood means the tree has been cut and allowed to dry for at least one year, although it need not be split. The logs we are currently splitting were cut last spring.  With over 18 months of dry time, we guarantee our logs will burn hot and complete.

We Also Have Free Wood!

We have unsplit seasoned pine, poplar, black gum, sweet gum, and hackberry that’s free to pick up.

Keep split firewood in a dry place that gets proper ventilation and sunlight. It is not a good idea to store firewood too close to the house. It is safe to keep an immediate supply of wood in an iron ring on the patio, porch, or even beside the fireplace. If the wood is well-seasoned, you can cover the pile with plastic but be aware that a plastic cover will slow down the seasoning process. It is also a good idea to keep the wood on two treated two-by-fours so that it is not in contact with soil.

At Top Notch Tree Care we have plenty of wood to offer.  We have over 100 full length logs ready to split seasoned for at least one year.  Please call us for a quote for delivered and stacked seasoned firewood.

We can deliver and stack you firewood, or you’re welcome to come pick it up from our farm.

Prices are as follows:

70 per Rick to pick up
100 per Rick to deliver
40 additional per Rick to stack

Do you need seasoned split hardwood firewood this winter? We’ve got you covered!

Top Notch Tree Care

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Powell, TN 37849
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