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Signs That Your Tree Needs To Be Removed

Trees offer many benefits and provide a major role in our ecosystem. They also add beauty to parks, homes, cities, and neighborhoods. However, there sometimes comes a time when we can no longer avoid the inevitable and understand that it may be unsafe to neglect a tree that needs to be removed.

Below are some signs that you need to hire a tree removal service to avoid a tree hazard:

Hollow Truck - a trunk that is hollow and is another clear sign that your tree is losing its health. Trunks are specific indicators of dying trees. Additionally, do not ignore cracks that may appear in the trunk as this is a visible sign that the decline of your tree has started.

Leaning Branches – a tree leaning to one side is a clear sign that the tree needs to be removed.

Root Decay - the roots of a plant or a tree are of the biggest indicators that it should be removed.

Tree Bark - bark can be considered the skin of the tree, if the bark is chipped or peeling or if the underneath layer is brown or dry – the tree is probably in poor health .

Tree Branches Without Buds - a branch that suddenly breaks can be a serious danger for you, your children or your pets. If you spot limbs in your tree that are lacking buds, your tree may be dying. Branches may also become brittle, easily breakable and discolored.

Weird Growth - the growth of an unknown plant, fungi or even a mushroom is a signal of an infection and decay. Infestation of insects around the roots, the trunk or anywhere else around the tree can be a signal that the tree has an issue.

Your Trees are Starting to Lean - When a tree begins leaning, it’s structurally unsound. Leaning trees can pose a huge safety threat. Eventually, they will fall, but there’s no way of knowing when - it could be next week or next year. Don’t wait for your tree to fall on your car or your home. Once you notice your trees are leaning, call us for tree removal.

A tree that is dying, decaying or has a disease needs removal before it becomes a safety hazard. Contact a professional and experienced Knoxville tree removal service for help - trees need to be removed when they show signs of weakness. It is important to remove dead and weakened trees to prevent damage to building structures, property, vehicles, and utility poles. A falling branch can seriously hurt or even kill a person, child or pet.

If you think you have a tree that needs to be removed, contact a certified arborist for tree inspection. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure meaning that it is easier to stop something from happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened!


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